• Natural Pollination Enhancer


Attracts Honey Bees for Improved Crop Pollination. Bee-Scent Attractant is a pheromone-based liquid formulation containing attractants that can direct honey bees to treated blossoms for improved crop pollination. Bee-Scent’s chemistry includes pheromones which encourage the specific behavior of foraging in honey bees. By attracting and concentrating bee foraging, pollen transfer can be increased. Greater yields and improved quality are the typical benefits of more thorough honey bee pollination.

Bee-Scent is completely non-toxic so it is exempt from state and federal regulations. It is considered environmentally sound for applicators, crops and honey bees alike.

Once applied, Bee-Scent will remain active for three to five days under favorable weather conditions. It also can help “save” a crop threatened by poor weather conditions which shorten the time when bees can be actively foraging. Additionally, the initial attractant will establish foraging patterns that continue the
pollination process.

Valuable Management Tool

• Improved Performance & Profit


Orchard Crops: Bee-Scent research on some fruits demonstrated an improved fruit set and fruit development. Monitoring tests show the number of foraging bees increased 28-75 percent after Bee-Scent application. Pear set increased as did apple set. Apples from plots where Bee-Scent was applied have shown more seeds per apple, more carpels with seeds, and a higher percentage of apples with 4 or more seeds than plots where Bee-Scent was not applied.

Foraging Increase



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