• Integrated Pest Management

Scentry Biologicals, Inc. offers NoMate® for the control of Codling Moth, Oriental Fruitmoth, Tomato Pinworm, and Leafrollers. Our effective proprietary formula succeeds in disrupting the mating process of these pests by interfering with the natural mating process, thus suppressing fertile egg laying and subsequent larval infestation, and the need for conventional insecticides is reduced. By combining NoMate® with Scentry Monitoring Products, you will effectively suppress pest populations quickly, and early in the season before the onset of another pest-generation.

Some of Our Products

Is Mating Disruption Cost Effective?

Field studies conducted in some of the major apple production areas in North America by independent researchers have shown that mating disruption technology when deployed as part of an IPM program reduce populations which result in a reduction in crop damage. For more information on these field studies and trials, please contact our Technical Dept. at (800) 735-5323 or e-mail us at customerservice@scentry.com


3 Unique Formulations

  • Spiral
  • Fiber
  • Micro encapsulated (MEC)
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